A visit to a zoo 200 words

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a visit to a zoo 200 words

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A consumer is a person who buys a good or service. The meaning of consumer protection is — protection of the rights of the consumer.

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In the present era of free trade system, the private entrepreneurs are capable of exploiting consumers because of their economic strength. Hence, the government is required to make such…. Skip to content.Zoo is a facility where animals, birds, reptiles and other species are kept in confinement and are provided proper nourishment and medical facilities.

Zoos are also called Animal Park and do many significant tasks of raising awareness, protecting the species and providing safe breeding grounds to the animals, among others. In years, zoos have evolved into their structure and modern zoo gives ample of open space to the animals with safety. The concept of cages has been gradually phased out and today zoos contain open spaces with bordered ridge to separate animal and visitors.

Zoo plays a vital role in protecting the species, by keeping them in a safe environment. It also provides scientists, veterinary doctors, and researchers, students to study animal behaviour closely and implement new techniques and medicines for their sake.

Here, we are providing a list of long and short essay on zoo in English, of varied length to help you with your examination. These essays will prove useful in your school assignments, debate and essay writing competitions etc. These facilities help in the conservation of rare animal species such as the Javan and black Rhino, the Sumatran Elephant and Orang-utan, various species of tigers, the giant panda, etc.

This has helped in increasing the number of animals in the wild. As in case of children, the zoos play an important role in educating them about their natural environment, of which wildlife is an important part. Despite various geographic channels on television, the zoos attract millions of children every year as they help the children with an opportunity to see the real animals. This helps in educating these small children about the behaviour and the environment of these wild animals.

Visit to a Zoological park has always been an enchanting and mesmerizing experience for all of us, especially in our childhood days. The lush greenery and the feeling of oneness that a person feels with the natural environment being amidst the wildlife have no match.

The establishments that houses various species of wild animals within enclosures and put them for display in public, in common terms are called zoos. These not only help in conserving the rare species of mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles, etc. By viewing the wild animals such as the Asiatic lion, the Bengal tiger and the leopard, children not only observe their behaviour but also gain knowledge about their eating habits, which is not possible in the concretized urban areas.

Furthermore, the monkeys, chimpanzees and also orang-utans seem to appear amusing not only physically because of their long limbs but also because of their behaviour. At times they can be witnessed playing with each other. Apart from these mammals, there are also various reptiles that breed in captivity in these zoological gardens.

These include the crocodile, alligator, tortoise and various varieties of snakes which, if one is lucky can be seen hunting their prey, when they are served live chicks and fishes in their enclosures by attendants. Also, there are various birds including hornbill and shikra in the list of the endangered species that are bred in various zoos and can only be witnessed in captivity just like the white Bengal Tiger. Thus, the visit to these zoos is not a futile activity, neither for children nor for adults as the rarest of the rare animals from various parts of the world including Africa and America can be found in any zoological garden, located in any corner of the world.

The visits to such places must be encouraged as it not only educates us about other living beings but also makes us feel one with the environment. Since, my childhood days I have always been mesmerized by and fascinated at the sight of animals.

Watching them on television channel like Animal Planet with their frightening looks, catching their prey, taking care of their infants, etc.

Thus, I was extremely glad when my elder brother offered me a tour to the Delhi Zoological Park on my tenth birthday. It seemed as the best birthday gift ever! After reaching the zoo via the Delhi Metro we purchased the tickets and walked inside. There were numerous children all over the place who had come to visit the zoo accompanied with their parents and siblings.

Short Paragraph on My visit to Zoo (397 Words)

Thought there was the availability of vehicle for moving inside the zoo, we still opted for walking on foot for a more thrilling experience. This way I could spend more time observing the places where my favourite animals had been kept. The first sight was of the monkeys which were present in various varieties. These included the light brown skinned monkey, langur, chimpanzee, baboon, etc. They were of varied sizes, having both long and short tails.

When I reached there, the monkeys were being given bananas and mangos in their cage by the zoo authorities. It was a very amusing scene to watch them consuming those fruits after carefully peeling them off themselves like human beings.It was during a short vacation that my parents decided we would go to the zoo. My sister and I were eagerly waiting for the day to arrive. I have studied in class that Zoo is a place where different kinds of animals and birds are kept.

We went to the Trivandrum Zoo. We first bought the ticket and entered. While entering, the guard strictly told us that we should not feed any animals. We took a whole tour of the zoo slowly. We first started seeing the monkeys. There were many different kinds of monkeys there and some of them were jumping from one branch to another branch of a tree.

A Report on A Visit to a Zoo - For 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th students

Some monkeys were in cages too. They were plenty in number. Next we saw the elephants. My little sister was very excited to see the elephants. We then saw the lion and tiger. The tiger was really very angry and making big sounds. We then saw the cheetah and the leopard. We then took a break for some time.

Next we went to the water areas. It was very exciting to see the crocodiles in the water. There were big and small ones. Then we saw some tortoise. They were very small and beautiful. Walking on we saw the rhinoceros. It was taking its bath and then suddenly one Rhinoceros opened its mouth! It was very huge and I got scared. We saw the zebra next following bears. We then moved to see birds. It was really a wonderful experience as we saw many different kinds of birds.

a visit to a zoo 200 words

They were all kept in different cages and each of them had beautiful feathers and made lots of different noises. Some of them were flying in the cage. The peacock was the most beautiful and we were lucky to see the opened tail of the peacock. It was very beautiful. We then saw the aquarium collection that had different kinds of fishes.A zoo is probably a place where people visit hardly once or twice over their entire life.

But these one or two visits turn out to be the most experiential visits of life. Thankfully, I got the chance to visit a zoo at my teenage that too with my friends. Life seems beautiful when your friends are around. We were planning our visit for many days and finally one day it happened. We reached there at AM, collected tickets from the ticket counter and then directly headed over to explore the zoo. Walking through the narrow lanes between the impenetrable trees, listing the pleasant chirping of birds, and witnessing the real animals was indeed a completely different experience.

It seemed we have entered in a different world where there is no hub-bub and chaos of cities. I felt the tranquility of nature and love of animals there. Before this visit, I had seen giant animals and big birds only in the pictures but in zoo, I witnessed almost every animal in front of my eyes.

It was really thrilling and amazing. I think animals are kept in a categorized way in a zoo. There were many types of birds. Except for one or two categories, I was witnessing the all other types of birds for the time.

In the midway itself, we heard a thunderous roar of a lion. Literally, we froze at our place for a moment then we remembered that lion is inside the cage.

Ahh, we took a deep breath. Now, we were in front of the dangerous yet beautiful giant animals. We saw deer, lion, tiger, bear, wild bear, rhino, and many more. We enjoyed watching them. Their every single move scared us to the death every time. We were scared from inside but thrilled from outside. After this visit, I must one thing that animals know the definition of brotherhood better than humans.

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In order to do this, stay close to our website and social channels for updates about our status as well as LIVE educational programming, virtual safaris and an abundance of cute photos and videos of animals, behind-the-scenes caretaking by our keepers, and in-depth stories of the Zoo and our amazing residents!

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a visit to a zoo 200 words

A resource to learn all about the animals who call the Phoenix Zoo home. Take quizzesmake craftsplay games and exercise like some of our animals! Did you miss one of our Digital Safaris or behind-the-scenes videos? Check out the Digital Safari Round-Up for all of our exclusive content.

Updated daily. As a c 3 nonprofit, the Phoenix Zoo relies on ticket sales, donations, annual memberships, fundraising events, philanthropic gifts and our community partners to support our mission of motivating and inspiring people to care for the natural world. While we are closed to help stop the spread of novel coronavirus COVIDour amazing keeper and veterinary staff are hard at work ensuring our animals get the care they need. The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the U. Digital Safari.

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Become a Member. Zoo Wish List.Certainly there is one report in the exam about a visit. So it is necessary for the students to read some of the reports on Visits. In this post, we shall cover a report named " A Visit to Zoo ".

I and my friends visited a Zoo last week. The zoo was located outside the city. Having purchased the tickets, we entered it.

There were a no of instructions written at the entrance. We had to follow those instructions during our stay at the zoo. There was the much crowd. There were also a few foreigners. We saw many cages of animals and birds. There was the variety of birds. We saw kites, vultures, peacocks, fouls, ducks etc. In animals, there were lions, hyenas, elephants, giraffe, bears, tigers etc. The main attraction were lions. People were trying to take photos of these animals and birds. There was also the arrangement of Safari.

We decided to enjoy it. We sat in a caged bus. The bus moved from a small patch of jungle in the zoo. There were a no of wild animals roaming here and there. We were full of excitement. We wanted to take photograph after getting down from the bus. But the bus driver and the zoo official stopped us from doing so. So we had to be contented to take photograph from inside the bus. It took us only 30 minutes in completing that safari.

But we enjoyed a first hand experience. Then we returned home happily. Last Word - If the students love to read more reports, if they wish to know how to write reports, they must click here.

Please, Share this information! Share on Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Important Essays.A Visit to A Zoo : Our school broke up for the winter vacations. One day I went to Vandalur zoo with my friends. The entry was by tickets. We went up several steps to purchase the tickets.

Then we entered the zoo. We walked up and down. A deep canal ran parallel to the footpath. Beyond the canal there were small trees. The cages of the birds were hanging down the branches of the trees. Their multi-coloured feathers gleamed into sunlight. Next we saw a small water pond with many kinds of birds swimming in it. It was interesting to see new birds in an enclosure. They twittered, chirped and whistled. It was pleasing indeed to hear them.

We saw many birds there - sparrows, nightingales and owls of different colours set in the closed cage. The owls sat with closed eyes lost in thoughts. We bade a silent farewell to those philosophers among birds and walked on. We visited the tigers, lions and bears shut in cages. We saw some hippos and also a rhino. We heared the loud roar of a lion.

One tiger was in a fit of anger. The tiger was strong and handsome. I enjoyed it most. We also saw many other fauna like crocodiles, snakes, frogs, fish ad a hundred other creatures. They all felt at home in the zoo. Last of all we saw different kinds of monkeys. We passed many happy hours in the zoo. It was a pleasing experience for all of us.

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