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Single place Part ultralights in the United States are defined as single place ultralight aircraft that weigh lbs or less, have a stall speed not more than 24 knots, a top speed of 55 knots, and carry no more than 5 gallons of fuel. To fly a legal Part ultralight aircraft in the United States the pilot does not require a pilot license. Single place aircraft weighing more than lbs. These include weight shift aircraft, more commonly known as trikes, powered parachutes, and powered para-gliders.

Quicksilver Ultralight Aircraft

Single place ultralights in Canada can weigh up to lbs. Site Search. Ultralight News. Ultralight Flyer Video. Quicksilver Sprint Index. Quicksilver Sprint V ideo. Quicksilver Sprint ultralight, Quicksilver Sprint ultralight aircraft, Quicksilver Sprint ultra lite planeexperimental amateur built aircraft.

It has a single surfaced wing, uses a belt reduction drive, comes with a 5 gallon fuel tank. The kit is a bolt together assembly unit with no building required. Control is standard three axis via a stick and rudder pedals. Quicksilver Sprint ultralight, Quicksilver Sprint ultralight aircraft, Quicksilver Sprint ultra lite plane, experimental amateur built aircraft. Ultralight News Web Magazine.

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quicksilver sprint

Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Ultralight Classifieds Public group. Your items. Join group settings More. All items for sale. For SALE. Rotax engine was rebuilt about two years ago and only one year of use, very low hours. Prop was installed new when engine was rebuilt.

Ultralight in very good condition located in Yuma, Arizona. I could considere a trade for any other toys. Selling it to pay my FAA private pilot license. American eagle xl I have one complete and one needs a seat and motor. Any questions just ask. Bought this about 6 months ago and just dont have the time to do. All parts are there just took apart for transport home. I think it needs new sails and noticed 1 bent aluminum tube for the right wing and maybe 1 or 2 are cracked in various other places.

I got it from the widow of the owner and she said that he was flying it until his health declined. Kawasakiturns over. Clifton springs ny. Selling everything due to issues with Agent Orange. Very nice low time Challenger one. Clipped wing special. Mid model. Only hrs.

Quicksilver MX Sport

TT airframe, approximately 5 hours break in time on Rotax Duel carb, duel ignition engine since major overhaul. Hydraulic brakes. Entire airplane has been gone though. Electric fuel pump. Nice panel. Comes with wheel pants, brand new tires. Always hangered in dry climate.Air-Tech Inc. We are now able to ensure that the product line of completed aircraft kits and replacement parts are still available to the industry. The GT development program was initiated with the goal of producing the best performing Quicksilver ever.

Spring Loaded, steerable nose wheel. Adjustable seat. The GT is known to be one of the finest ultralight type aircraft ever designed. Owners love them! Spring Loaded nosewheel, 4 position flaps, vibration-free engine mount, short take off.

The best side-by-side trainer ever. Featuring strutted wings, wider cockpit, rugged aluminum steerable nosewheel, and larger wheels, the Sport 2S combines the many suggestions and comments of ultralight enthusiasts and professionals with Quicksilver'.

Ideal for the recreational flyer and flight schools. Its high lift, partial double surface wings give it an exceptionally short take-off roll and predictable handling at very low flight speeds.

Extremely fast roll response and handles crosswinds easily with its conventional three-axis controls. Yet it retains the docile and predictable slow flight characteristics that made the original MX famous. Designed to enhance the envelope of your flying pleasure. Its sleek, shortspan double-surface wing with full-span ailerons and conventional three-axis controls give the MX Sport a faster roll rate, greater speed range and better crosswind capability.

Eipper Quicksilver

Perfect for the pilot who wants easy handling and excellent control response. A dual surface wing, inflight adjustable trim make flights a breeze! Sport 2S The best side-by-side trainer ever.

MX Sprint Extremely fast roll response and handles crosswinds easily with its conventional three-axis controls. MX Sport Designed to enhance the envelope of your flying pleasure. Home Previous Page.Click here for Financing Options. Order NOW if you want to beat that increase.

We respond to ALL email messages and phone calls. If you have a question, we want to answer it. All prices subject to change without notice. All prices are less shipping charges. Wing Loading 4. Rotax powerplant option is available. Where applicable, performance figures for the GT are stated for flights with the doors on. Stall speeds for GT are indicated with flaps extended. Additional Sprint 2S performance specifications coming soon. Quicksilver Info Pack. Includes a brochure on each model.

Comprehensive DVD detailing each Quicksilver model and factory operations. Shows flying sequences of each and every Quicksilver aircraft model available! Includes both of the above items, plus additional information pertaining to options and accessories available from U-FLY-IT.

Single Place Performance. Single Place Prices. Two Place Prices. MX II Sprint. Sprint 2S. GT Wing Loading. Power Loading. Empty Weight lbs.

Useful Load lbs. Max Takeoff Weight. Fuel Capacity gal.

quicksilver sprint

Takeoff Distance, Ground Roll ft. Takeoff Distance, 50' Obstacle. Max Level Speed sea level mph. Landing Distance, With Brake ft. Landing Distance, 50' Obstacle. Glide Ratio. Best Angle of Climb mph.Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have no problems with take offs, straight flight and landings, including power-off landings. But, seem to not have the kind of control I am used to in the other planes I have flown.

I have similar issues with the Sport 2S, but they don't feel as excessive. This runway has a right hand pattern requirement, so I started a turn with both aileron and rudder.

Well, I thought I was gonna roll over. It was a very small control input. I found myself having to use left aileron to keep it under control. If let up on the right rudder I could not turn.

I added rudder which helped. I was just totally frustrated and a more that a little concerned because obviously I was not doing the right thing. I get intellectually that between the short coupling, huge rudder and push prop blast, that this is a rudder dominant plane. In the Sport 2S, I've actually done rudder only turns. I have not tried that on the MX yet. Before I go back up, I was wondering if there was any guidance other MX Sprint pilots might provide on performing turns with that plane.

Cheers, Joe. Last edited by Hal Bryan; at AM. Maybe your control wouldl be satisfactory if you used lots of rudder and didn't expect too much from the ailerons.

Some of the Quicksilvers are known for weakness in the direct roll controls, and are steered almost completely with the rudder. Converting to rudder control was a little weird for me, but not for lack of response, mainly just because of the side forces.

I fly an ultralight with twice as much wing and half as much engine, steering only with the rudder, so my control response is pretty consistent, but power on and power off are still different. Could these control issues be partly a matter of engine power settings? You have a much higher power to weight ratio you had in the trainer.

I like the new Quicksilver approach of promoting a true ultralight and a two place trainer though not an ultralight to support it. Originally Posted by Flyboy Tags for this Thread quicksilversprintturns. All times are GMT For those of you who wanted more!

Created for the discriminating pilot who wants the excitement of a great performing airplane. When we introduced the MX Sprint, it was greeted with resounding approval. But some people wanted even more performance.

So, for those of you who wanted more, we now proudly introduce the MX Sport. The MX Sport was designed to enhance the envelope of your flying pleasure. Its sleek, shortspan double-surface wing with full-span ailerons and conventional three-axis controls give the MX Sport a faster roll rate, greater speed range and better crosswind capability. Its 42 horsepower Rotax engine and large inch propeller give the Sport an exceptional climb rate.

quicksilver sprint

The MX Sport comes standard with Quicksilver's world-renowned quality and a six-month written limited warranty. See dealer for details. We are the only manufacturer in the industry with enough confidence in our products to make such an offer.

All Quicksilver kits feature easy-to-assemble construction -- we do all the fabrication, you just bolt it together. Where other kits give you raw materials, we give you finished parts. You'll be flying in days, not weeks or months. As the most commonly used Ultralight training aircraft in America, Quicksilver's light aircraft are re More information! Aircraft type cont. Gyrocopter Ultralight aircraft engines Unspecified.

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Quicksilver MX Sprint

Use Facebook account. Quicksilver MX Sport. Quicksilver MX For those of you who wanted more! More performance Source: www. Go back.Quicksilver is a line of single and two-place high wing, single-engine, ultralight aircraft that evolved from weight-shift hang gliders including Bob Lovejoy's High Tailer. The earliest powered version, the Quicksilver C, was created as a self-launching hang glider, designed to allow pilots who lived in the flatlands to be able to self-launch without a hill.

The design later evolved into an ultralight aircraft for powered cross-country flying. The aircraft line has been in production since the late s and remains in production in by Quicksilver Aircraft of Temecula, California.

Founded by Dick Eipper, Eipper Formance began manufacturing the early Bob Lovejoy-designed Quicksilver ultralights in the late s when hang gliding was very popular. The Quicksilver hang gliders differed from most hang gliders of that time period in that the Quicksilver had a rigid rectangular wing and a tail with a horizontal stabilizer and a rudder.

At that time, the majority of hang gliders were simple Rogallo wing -type hang gliders. Eipper added a seat, wheels, and a small engine behind the wing of the hang glider, and the Quicksilver ultralight was born. This aircraft was controlled by pushing a bar forwards and backwards, and side to side, in the same way that hang gliders are controlled. This shifted the center of gravity of the aircraft and allowed the pilot to control the plane.

Many pilots wanted an aircraft that was controlled with a stick and rudder, similar to the way "typical" light airplanes are controlled, so Eipper added rudder and elevator control surfaces to the Quicksilver ultralight, giving it two axes of control.

This aircraft was called the Quicksilver MX. The high dihedral of the wings caused the plane to bank when the aircraft was turned with the rudder, but there was no direct means of controlling the roll axis of the airplane—the aircraft only rolled in response to the yaw axis. Pilots still wanted a true three-axis control ultralight, so Eipper added spoilerons. The spoilerons were only minimally effective, providing only a minimal amount of control over the roll axis.

The next generation of MX had true ailerons which gave the aircraft full roll authority. The Quicksilver was the most popular ultralight aircraft design when the regulations were first drafted in the early s. The Quicksilver MX evolved over the years. A two-seat model was added for training purposes, although the two-seater was not legally an ultralight. Eipper Formance changed their name to Eipper Aircraft and then Quicksilver Aircraft, and they are still in business, although they are not producing aircraft in the quantity that they were at the height of the ultralight craze in the mid s.

The current production MX Sports and Sprints are built from anodized aluminum tubing that is fastened together with bolts. The wings and tail are covered with pre-sewn Dacron envelopes.

Reported construction times from the kit are 30—40 hours. In the summer ofPeter Burgher modified a Quicksilver MX-1 with longer wings, larger fuel tanks, and modified carburetor jets flew from Utica, Michigan to St.

Petersburg, Florida on an endurance flight setting 56 world and national records. Data from Quicksilver Ultralight. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Quicksilver MX-2 Sprint.

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