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And it does not mean that we throw complete national equality out of our Programme; it means that the democratic interests of one country must be subordinated to the democratic interests of several and all countries. See the latest ethnic division map. Alliance with the US imperialism reveals the bourgeois ideology and its inevitable expansionist policy on this interview.

There are reports that regime forces have crossed the Euphrates River and that a race is underway between the SDF and the regime. What is your strategic objective after Raqqa? It seems that you launched the Deir ez-Zor move earlier than the United States and the coalition had planned. Just in case, we want the USA stay here to help us control the areas we liberated. Syrian regime and Shiites are threat to us.

We liberated, and are responsible for these areas, either there will be an agreement or war. Kobane: ÔÇŽ. Our essential objective is to negotiate with the central government and get a certain status for the areas we liberated.

If required, we are ready to engage in dialogue with the central government on this. Establishing an ethnic base country beyond the current borders. Leadership is Serving the interest of oppressed nations' people?Despite incriminating evidence in terms of intelligence reports, witness testimony, wiretap intercepts, a rifle and jihadist books, all of their operatives are free as of today.

The cell members were charged and indicted, but some were acquitted while others were convicted but nevertheless were let go pending appeal by Turkish courts. He has also been taking care of the family members of jihadists who went to Syria and helps treat wounded fighters in Turkey. He collects medical supplies to ship to the front line in Syria. He was released pending trial on Feb.

He was indicted by an Adana prosecutor under investigation file No. He is a free man today pending appeal. On July 18, he was convicted by an Adana court and sentenced to seven years, six months in prison.

Soner received the same sentence. He was arrested on Oct. At the end of the trial proceedings inhe was sentenced to six years, three months in prison. The wiretaps on him show he is very committed to violent jihad. The court decided to release him pending trial on Dec. He is free pending appeal. He was listed as a jihadist who went to Syria, according to an intelligence file on him.

He was detained for only one day on April Despite the incriminating evidence presented against him during the trial, the public prosecutor changed his mind and asked for his acquittal.

As a result, he was acquitted by the court on July 18, He is 45 years old and a resident of Adana. He was detained on April 13, and a rifle was seized from his home during the search, but he was released the next day. He was detained on April 13, but released. Wiretaps show him as negotiating prices with human smugglers. He was detained on April 22, and released pending trial on Dec.

They are free pending appeal. See author's posts.

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Email address:. Skip to content. Home February Al-Qaeda logistics cell that provides rear-line services operational in Turkey. About the author. Abdullah Bozkurt abdullah. Tags: al-QaedaNusraSyriaTurkey. Previous Turkish Embassy used Chilean legislators as informants according to documents.

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Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos How effective were Syria strikes? Not long ago, the threat of terrorist attacks against the United States boiled down to two words: al Qaeda. But this week's U. The groups share a similar ideology. But there are key differences. Here's how each stacks up:. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. But the group now calls itself just the Islamic State, believing it has already established a caliphate across Sunni parts of Syria and Iraq.

Airstrikes target al Qaeda-linked group President Obama's 'War on Terror 2. He later tried to ignite a sectarian war against Iraq's Shiite majority. The new al Qaeda group was rebranded in as the Islamic State in Iraq. It would add "and Syria" to its name later. The group exploited a growing perception among many Sunnis that they were being persecuted by Iraq's Shia-dominated government, starved of resources and excluded from a share of power.

The group also claims its leader has authority over 1. He served four years in a U. The dangers, officials say, are to U. There's also a risk of militants with U. Attack their bases. Raid their homes.

Cut off their heads. Do not let them feel secure. Hunt them wherever they may be. Inside the mind of an ISIS fighter. Is another major terror event imminent? Photos: Photos: Syrian civil war in Syrian civil war in ÔÇö A wounded child walks at a makeshift hospital in the rebel-held town of Douma after being injured in a reported airstrike by government forces on Tuesday, December Douma, located near Damascus, has been under government siege for more than a year, with residents facing dwindling food and medical supplies.

The United Nations estimates nearlypeople have been killed in Syria since an uprising in March spiraled into civil war. Hide Caption.Terlampir beberapa file terkait energi dan batubara: 1. Daftar harga buku-buku terkait energi dan batubara. Beberapa direktori terkait bisnis batubara sudah tersedia: 1. This flip book is created with Adobe Flash technology.

Should you have any inquiries or questions regarding our presentation intention or elses, please contact us.

Either one is valid. SK No. Remark: Keterangan:. Telephone and fax numbers 4. Contact person 5. Mining info: ownership, mined minerals and resources, concession area, current activities 7.

Economic data: production, sales, investment, paid taxes and non-taxes to governments, manpower, services and expertise, infrastructure, reclamation plan and deposited fund.

The rise in coal price recently surely resurrects the dormant Indonesian coal market, from miners, producers, and to sellers, from its apparent dead bed for the first 8 months in Although some IUP holders may still have their coal mining concession right, some of them may have been out of business, due to the run out of its coal reserves and resources. You may not be unwilling to have a ghastly experience on first hands dealing with these ghost companies.

Tulisan di atas merupakan laporan hasil analisis dan penelitian dalam: The presentation in slideshare is one of many analysis on business research report on:. Latief A. Baso Patetengi A. Muhammad Yusuf,S. Sdr A. Sdr Andi Azas Munandar Abijafra. Sdr Andi Darmawan Sdr Drs.

What's the difference between ISIS, al-Nusra and the Khorasan Group?

Se Andi. Sdr Arif. Nompo B. Richard B. Mura Energi-Pt. Mura Reksa Cbm-Pt. Muara Energi, PT. Muara Reksa Cbm, PT. Sdr H. Abdul Gani H. Abdul Ghofur, Sdr H. Abdul Muthalib Harris. Abdul Wahid.


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