Send mass email with attachment

Mail merge is a feature of Microsoft Office. It enables users to send bulk messages. You can compose a message using Microsoft Office and then send it to many people at the same time. Mail merge saves you from having to send separate e-mails for each and every contact by using Microsoft Outlook to send mass e-mails.

Check Best Prices Here. It is advisable that you access which emails you will be able to merge without any loss in quality and information, and which should be custom-made for either private or business correspondence. The code will work for both Windows and MacOS users. You can compose your message at Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a part of Microsoft Office. Now follow these steps to send a mass e-mail.

Open Microsoft Word from your desktop. You can also open Microsoft Office from the programs menu. Now, select Microsoft Word from the Microsoft Office program list. Microsoft Word will provide you e-mail interface. The document will have no margins, unlike a regular document. Follow the regular e-mail format. Type the opening salutations and body of your email message. You can also include your email signature. For this purpose, you have to copy your e-mail signature from Microsoft Outlook.

You can save your list as a Microsoft Word document or make it a Microsoft Excel file. Any Windows supported document making programs will work. You can also use the Mail Merge wizard to create a recipient list. Now, follow these easy steps to add your recipients:. Now, click on the Type a New List. You can also add your pre-existing recipient list. In the recipient list window, you can add relevant information.

Like company name and address. Use Customize Button You can exclude the undesired fields. Rename function is also available. Save your changes in the address list. Your newly created address list will go in the My Data Resources directory with. Now that you have your email composed and your recipient list completed, follow these steps to complete the Mail Merge.

Select Mail Merge Field option to see the drop-down menu. From the list select the required fields. Now you will see a list of field codes on your screen.For example, I have the following data range in a worksheet which contains Name, Email Address, Registration Code columns, and now, I want to send a message with a personalized greeting and their own Registration Code to the separated Email Addresses in column A.

To solve this problem, the following methods may help you. Send personalized mass emails to a list from Excel with Mail Merge function. Send personalized mass emails to a list from Excel with VBA code. Send personalized mass emails to a list with different attachments by using Kutools for Excel.

In the Select Data Source window, choose the workbook which includes the data range that you want to use, and click Open button, see screenshot:. In the coming Select Table dialog box, please choose the worksheet with the data range you need, and then click OK button, see screenshot:. And the E-mail message main document and your address list have been connected together, now, you can edit the text message and add placeholders that indicate where the unique information will appear in each message.

Go on typing your message and insert the Registration Code into the place where you need, see screenshot:. After composing the message, you can click Preview Results under the Mailing tab to preview E-mail messages and make changes before you actually complete the merge. Then in the popped out Merge to E-mail dialog box, do the following operations:.

How to Mail Merge using Word, Excel, \u0026 Outlook - Office 365

You can type the subject into the Subject line text box. From the Send records section, select All. And then click OKthe emails are sent to separate recipients with their own registration code at once, after sending the emails, you can go to your Outlook to make sure the emails have been sent successfully.

With Kutools for Excel 's Send Emails feature, you can quickly send personalized emails to multiple recipients with different attachments from Excel via Outlook as you need.

send mass email with attachment

At the same time, you can CC or Bcc the messages to a specific person as well. Download and free trial Kutools for Excel Now! Excepting the Mail Merge function, the following VBA code also can do you a favor, please do as this:. VBA code: Send personalized mass emails to a list from Excel:. Then press F5 key to run this code, and a prompt box will pop out to remind you select the data range that you want to use, see screenshot:.

And then click OK button, the emails will be sent to separate addresses with their individual registration code one by one, after sending the emails, you can go to your Outlook to make sure the emails have been sent successfully.

Note : In the above code, you can change the subject or body message to your need. If you have Kutools for Excelwith its Send Emails feature, you can quickly send personalized emails to multiple recipients with different attachments as you need.Mail Merge is one of the most efficient features in Microsoft Office: you can design your document in Word, with smart text formatting, fonts, and images — and send your text in individual messages via Outlook.

You can use Outlook Contacts, or an external data file Excel, Access. All these issues can be avoided if you just have a possibility to use Mail Merge with PDF attachmentsi. If you send your messages from Mail Merge in PDF attachments, all your recipients get personalized PDF-files with your text and all images, looking exactly like you designed your document or publication.

You will be also offered to type your short message text in a separate dialogue window — so that your merged messages with PDF attachments are not empty, and contain personal salutations to all your recipients in the message body as well. You are welcome to see this short video, that shows the described feature of the Mail Merge Toolkit app in details:.

Using this efficient feature, you can send personalized documents, orders and invoices in PDF format within a single mailing: just design your document or publication, add fields from your database to your message — and Mail Merge Toolkit will generate and send messages with individual nice-looking PDF attachments to your recipients! Hi there. I am looking to purchase the standard mail merge toolkit rather than the Pro version, but wondered if there is a limit on the number of recipients when sending PDF attachments?

Thank you. Yes, both registered versions Standard and Professional do not have any limits on the number of messages they can generate per run.

In the video above the personalized pdf files are generated from a word document with form fields. In my case however, rather than a word document I have a PDF document with multiple form fields for names and ID and other variables. I would like to fill some of those fields e. It is not possible to export this pdf form back to word first, as the form itself also includes some additional calculations that cannot be done in word. So, optimally I would like to generate the individual PDF attachments using the existing PDF file as the source file, rather than a word file.

Is that possible? Could you please create an account in our technical support area, and provide us a couple of detailed screenshots of what exactly you wish to achieve with this scenario? Hi: I downloaded a free trial of the software and found out I could only send 50 e-mails with attachment. I then decided to purchase the full version because I need to send more than 50 e-mails with attachment. I thought I was all set but then the sending stopped at 50 mails, stating that I need to officially register before using the full version.

All versions of Mail Merge Toolkit — Trial, Standard and Pro — are using the exact same set of files: the difference is the type of the license key or lack thereofwhich sets the add-in to the appropriate mode.

The download link to the add-in points to Trial version by default, but once you enter the key after installation — the limitations of the Trial version will be removed and all its features unlocked. Hi, I have just bought a 5 user license not the pro versionbut then it seems the function of Send individual attachments using Mail Merge in Word is missing from the basic version.

But I do use the basic version to attach individual attachments last year.If you work in Microsoft Office and sometimes need to send out large, personalized mailings, you probably know that the basic package provides the essential means to achieve this task.

The Mail Merge feature, introduced in Wordhas proven to be an invaluable tool for performing this type of business correspondence for a stupendous number of people. If you send out massive staff notification mailings or business offers to your clients, if you manage a recruitment agency with a massive database, or even if you just find that personalized newsletters are a necessity — nothing else available in Office really comes close. Mail Merge has the ability to produce a virtually infinite number of copies of the same text document with any given user-defined personal variables.

For instance, if you intend to send basically the same document as an email message to a number of recipients but include the personal information such as first and last name, home and business addresses, etc. These tools allow to keep both the anonymity of other recipients from each other, and to greet each one of them using their own names and titles in the message body. This is scenario is done by conveniently placing the user-friendly macros beside the greeting lines and other critical points of the message during its composition in Word.

Later, during the actual mail generation, Word accesses the designated contacts base — either the regular Outlook Contacts storage thanks to the seamless integration between these Microsoft Office components or an external data-source file it could be any database-enabled file format — a Microsoft Access file or an Excel table, to name a few and inserts the actual individual data of the recipient instead of the macro. We at MAPILab have been working to improve the Mail Merge tool and its personalization possibilities even further, and are introducing the Mail Merge Toolkit : a feature-rich add-in a software upgrade which uses Microsoft Office as the main platform, while only including the necessary software library files as an addition to the primary pool that aims to extend the list of available features with its own unique mass mail personalization and productivity functions.

One of the most important and welcome additions has been the inclusion of the individual attachments in Mail Merge. Mail Merge with attachments opens even more possibilities to conduct business correspondence precisely and competently. A Mail Merge attachment will be sent and delivered to the unique recipient as seamlessly and conveniently as a regular file attached to an email message would.

send mass email with attachment

If there is no more than one unique recipient per attached file, you can even name your Mail Merge attachments according to the person who is going to receive it multiple recipients who are going to receive the same file, or even split bunches of recipients and different bunch-dependent files are possible with the Mail Merge with attachments feature as well.

You are welcome to watch the short video created by our friends from Webucator training service. It shows how to perform a mail merge with attachments in Outlook:. With the most recent version of the Mail Merge Toolkit add-inyou can also send your documents as.

PDF attachments or as data in the message body during in your mailing. I have to do mass emailing to our clients with common attachment of 4 gift vouchers.

I have tried Mail merging and K tools, but common attachment not happening. Kindly help me out with the solution. Please first check this new step-by-step tutorial on how to Mail Merge with common Attachments. If you will still need further assistance with the settings, contact our Support Department for troubleshooting.

As we might require more details for this issue, and also the possibility to exchange files — which is not possible in the blog.

How can I send out mass emails with a file attachment

Ivan — could you help me? Hi, I tried using the free trial and everything worked, I was able to send attachments without a problem. I purchased the license and a few things occurred: 1.

When I install it comes up as a regular mail merge without the option of entering an attachment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Hello Nicole, thank you for contacting us. I replied your similar request in our Trouble Ticket system — please follow my advises to install the latest version. That did not work.Leading Through Change with Data. Global Economy Data Track.

Mail Merge with PDF attachments in Outlook

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Mass email with Individual attachments

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Please refer to our self-help content for additional assistance. Thank you! Microsoft Support. I'm an Accountant for a PBM company.

Mail merge with attachments in Outlook

I also have to create invoices with PDF files that pulls the correct data that is needed to send off to the client to pay. Here's the lengthy part. This takes SO long because I'm sending them individually, selecting the files that they need attached. I've looked all over for a way to do some sort of Mail Merge to select every client within my contacts, and then somehow select the files the clients need and make sure they receive the correct ones.

Each client contact receives a separate invoice, and EOB. Is there a way to do this? I know how to do a normal mail merge email to send to clients but the part I can't figure out is how to individualize and separate the attachments to the corresponding people in bulk. Please can someone assist me with this. Emailing process itself takes two days and it would free up so much time focusing on other things.

I know there has to be something out there. Hi JoshMAllen. Is that correct? If yes, please be informed that we can only send one attachment to multiple contacts.

send mass email with attachment

We suggest that you try again sending emails individually to make sure that your client will receive the correct file that they need. As our initial troubleshooting step, I recommend that you clear your browser's cache and temporary internet files to make sure that they are not causing your issue.

This is often caused by a corrupted file in the browser.Sometimes you need to create personalized multi-recipient and then send mass emails to all of them just for saving time.

What you should do to achieve the mass emails sending in Outlook? The following tutorials will show you how to send personalized mass emails in Outlook. Send personalized mass emails using mail merge function in Outlook. See screenshot:. Then it opens a new Microsoft Word document. And then click OK.

Then the Greeting Line field is inserted into the document. Now, compose your email body. All recipients will receive the same content. Make sure the Merge Field you have inserted should have related information in your contacts profile in Outlook. If not, compose the email content by yourself just like the above method 7 told.

When a Merge to E-mail dialog popping up, click OK to send the mass emails. With the Auto Reply Manager utility of Kutools for Excelyou just need to check the certain email account and compose your auto reply subject and body as below screenshot shown to finish the auto reply settings.

send mass email with attachment

Download and try it now! Remember Me. Log in. About Us Our team. How to send personalized mass emails in Outlook? Send personalized mass emails using mail merge function in Outlook Send personalized mass emails using mail merge function in Outlook 1. See screenshot: 4. In the Mail Merge Contacts dialog box, please configure as follows: 4. Easily set up auto reply in Outlook without rules: With the Auto Reply Manager utility of Kutools for Excelyou just need to check the certain email account and compose your auto reply subject and body as below screenshot shown to finish the auto reply settings.

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I am also here looking for how to add attachments 1 or more with these personalised mass mails.


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