Video calling in angular 6

We expect that you learn this tutorial by following a walkthrough of a working Angular application example. So, this will straight forward to the usage or implementation of Angular HttpClient. For now, we will use existing Node. After this, the HttpClient feature will show you in an easy way and a little bit different from the original Angular docs. It just versions compatibility updates of their dependencies. We assume that you have downloaded and installed Node.

Now, let's check the above requirement by open the terminal or Node command line then go to your projects folder. Type this command to check the latest Node and NPM version.

That's our Node and NPM versions, before moving to the main steps of the Angular HttpClient tutorial, you will get the walkthrough in real practice in this silence Video tutorial. Not all, but it's practicable.

video calling in angular 6

Don't forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe to our Youtube channel. To install or upgrade the latest Angular CLI, type this command in the terminal or Node command line. If there are the questions to add routing, just press the "y" key and use "SCSS" as a stylesheet format. To use Visual Studio Code, type this command under this Angular web app folder. In the created Angular web application, we will set up and configure Angular HttpClient. The modules already included with Angular, we just register the module for use within the Angular web application.

We will put HttpClient access to the separate Angular service. Simply as that, the main function of the Angular HttpClient. Next, we add the component for simple access to the Angular service. For that, add or generate all required components using these commands.

We use our Express. Next, type this command in the current Terminal tabs to run the Angular 6 HttpClient application. And here our Angular HttpClient Web application looks like. So, speed up your front-end web development with premium Angular templates. Choose your template for your front-end project here. That just the basic. Toggle navigation. Programming Blog Vue. All Articles.According to online traffic statistics, video is taking over control of the web.

The developer community needs a solid, extensible, and advanced media framework not just an HTML5 video player to face the new challenges that lay ahead. In this article, I want to introduce one such framework: Videogular. There is an implementation for Angular 1. So, the next question that probably is crossing your mind is: Why use Angular for video?

video calling in angular 6

Well, there are a number of good reasons for choosing a specific framework to create a video library. The most relevant feature and difference between other video players is that you write tags to set up your player instead of JavaScript. The good thing about Videogular is that, with just a quick look to the HTML code, you know how this player works, which controls are available, and how to modify it to remove, for example, the tracks and the track selector.

But this is not the only advantage we can benefit from when building an Angular video player. In this example, we will have a list of videos and a related excerpt from Wikipedia, just in case the user needs to have more information about the video. Videogular installation should be a straighforward affair for any skilled Angular developer.

If you have not installed Node. This is the only server we need to develop with Angular, and we need it to install dependencies via NPM. You just need to be sure to install Node. The first thing we need to do is to install the Angular CLI. The Angular CLI is a must-have tool for any Angular developer, since it provides easy scaffolding, testing, development servers, and productions builds.

Even more importantly, it follows a convention that any other Angular developer can understand. This should create a sample project for you.

If you want to, you can use the official Videogular font to set icons on your buttons and controls. To do that you need to add CSS to your. If you want to set your own font and styles, you can set your custom CSS here or inside styles. To start using Videogular in your project, you have to add the Videogular module to your application module.

This is how your app. To list our videos, we will create a simple array with all the options. The method onClickPlaylistItem will set the media to play on our Videogular player. The property currentIndex will be used later to identify the current item and its position in the playlist. This is important to do infinite loop playlists and update the currentIndex when the user clicks on an item of the playlist. Finally, we only have to modify the video element to set the source from the currentItem property handled by the playlist.

We will create for this a simple binding to the src property of the HTML5 video element:. Now we can test our playlist and see how it works.

But we can make some tweaks and improve the experience by switching automatically between videos when a video is completed, and adding better overall management of the player state.

Building an Angular Video Player with Videogular

To do this we will need the Videogular API, a global service available on every Videogular instance to handle the state and listen for events. Actually, all Videogular modules are based in this public API, so you can create your own modules for your customers or contribute to the community by releasing them as open source. When the player is initialized, you can save the API and start listening for the events dispatched by the video tag:.Verbal communication is an essential part of human life.

Today, technology brings the possibility of much richer communication channel then standard text-chat to our browsers. With CometChat you can build your audio and Video chat application on your website. Today you will integrate CometChat with Angular application. There is a companion repository created for this post, available on the GitHub. To follow this tutorial or run the example source code you'll need to create a V1 application.

First things first. In the catalog where you want your project to be located, type in the following Angular CLI command, which creates Angular project boilerplate:. Now navigate into just created file, and replace the content of the app. The application is going to have two main components: LoginComponent and CallComponent. CallComponent is the place where a logged in user will be brought to display a contact list and perform video and voice calls to other active users.

If the user is not authenticated he needs to provide login and password in the LoginComponent. Information about user authentication will be provided by the CometChatService. Generate them using the following commands:.

With this basic functionality of the CometChatService authenticating user and checking if he is authenticated we can build up an AuthenticationGuard to protect the CallComponent against unauthorized access.

Generate the AuthenticationGuard:. Now, you can implement the Authentication Guard which will check if user is authenticated every time he is trying to navigate into application. After typing userID ie. If you haven't been coding along and want to catch up to this step using the companion repository on GitHub, execute the following commands:.

Implement the method which will retrieve list of users from the CometChat service. Now you can bind this function to the userListener. Whenever some user will log in or out, this function would be fired.

We will do that at the moment when user is logging into the application. Replace the login method with following new implementation:. After navigating to localhost and authentication with the userID superhero1 you should be able to see list of your buddies, together with their statuses:. Next step to accomplish your application is the implementation of the Audio and Video calls functionality.

Your application can have 4 states:. The last one is already implemented, there is nothing new to display on the screen. Whenever a new value is pushed to this stream, you are performing the startCall method from the CometChat library, apart of call.

Later on, implement function which retrieves list of users, and login function. Call receiverID, CometChat. Now, after navigating to localhost in two separate windows, authorizing into two different accounts, you should be able to perform a voice call from one account to another and see the following screen:. You are close to the end. Now you are going to implement the incoming call view and ongoing call view.

All necessary methods are already in the CometChat service, so the only thing on our end is to generate an incoming call component:.When I signed up with Bet365, I was impressed by how many different sporting events and leagues I could find at the sportsbook.

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video calling in angular 6

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REST API concepts and examples

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Angular HttpClient (6/7/8/9/10): Consume REST API Example

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video calling in angular 6

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